Uncharted 4

I had the pleasure to work on Uncharted 4 Single Player and also Multiplayer. Here’s some of my work. These were characters I was responsible for creating but like everything else in this… Continue reading

Bloody Necromancer

I started this project inspired by a necromancer concept done by Fenghua Zhong, but I wanted to take it to a different style and mood, so I ended up creating and designing most… Continue reading


Just finished this new project. I was heavily inspired to attempt doing my version of an Orc after I saw the ILM Cinematic shots, but I wanted to try it under all the… Continue reading

Atelier Glauco Longhi

Some of the works produced on my Atelier/Studio from 2010 to 2013, back when I livedĀ in Brazil. TOYOTA ETIOS CROSS -The character makeup department- Mariana Seixas – Pre production Tadeu Terra – Moulds/Foam… Continue reading