Mentorship 2017

P”You are here because you’ve sent me an e-mail about the Mentorship Program. Hope to answer all your questions here and looking forward to work with you soon!”

What is this Mentorship about ?

This is a 10 week program developed by Glauco Longhi, in order to attend all the requests received since he stopped teaching couple years ago. Glauco has tought more than 300 students along the years and learned a lot during all those classes. This is a new take and definitely more mature system and class format. He will be teaching, polishing and refining your work, guiding you across this 10 weeks, throughout his pipeline for character development for video games.

All the classes will be in english.

What will be covered ?

Glauco will walk you through his personal approach to Character Art for video games, on a AAA level of quality. Zbrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Photoshop and Marmoset Toolbag will be used during his demos. These software’s or similar are required to follow the production along. This is NOT a software class, so it is expected to have a solid base of modeling, texturing and shading/rendering, in your own preference package.

Different aspects of production and general guidelines of best practices, organization, time management, and behavior will also be covered. That’s the biggest difference from a Mentoring Course to the regular Workshop. You will of course be studying and producing your own work with all the guidance that Glauco can give you, but it’s not limited to that. He wants to go beyond the art and share his thoughts and ideas about the industry in general.

You will be creating your own character, based on your preferences and skill level. There will be guidance throughout the process of picking the right concept for you.

Who should be doing this Mentorship ?

It’s recommended for mid-level artists and professional working artists that want to step up their game.

It’s definitely not for beginners or starters. Glauco and his team is working on a different project for beginners and junior artists.

Why a Mentoring program ?

“I believe everyone needs a mentor, no matter what field they work at. From athletes, to entrepreneurs, they all have a guru, a mentor, a guide, a coach.”

This is definitely an opportunity to have a AAA Lead Artist guide you on a weekly basis on your project, giving you a new set of eyes. Most important, you’ll have the chance to talk and ask questions directly (Via Weekly Online Conferences), and also interact on a closed forum exclusive for participants of this program.

Should I join it ?

If you are looking for real and straight-on feedback, guidance, and help, this is for you. There will be no ego inside the program and forum. Different from the usual type of workshop or course, you are not here just to build up your next personal project.  But the real goal should be extract and learn the most out of this 10 weeks. Experiment different techniques, share ideas, deconstruct your dogmas and learn new ways of doing things, industry tools and workflows.

The Calendar

The program will take place on Sunday mornings, from 10am to 11:45am, Via Online Conference. (LA time – PDT). There will be 10 Online Conferences.

During the conference, the following week assessment will be introduced and explained in a thoroughly manner. There will be some Q & A by the end of every session too.

Every session will be recorded and will be available for later watch in case you miss it or need to re-watch.

There is a Forum, with live interaction within students and Glauco himself. There will be no other instructor or assistant. Glauco will be giving individual feedback, on a weekly basis, either on friday or saturday, which can happen either by paintovers, written or video. Every student will have their own topic to post their progress. and will be able to see and receive comments from other students as well. We encourage everybody to spend as much time as they can in the forums sharing not only their work but also making connections with people from all over the world.

You will receive a complete guide prior the kick-off meeting that will happen on the first day of the class, but here’s a basic structure that you will be following:

-Week 1 – Kick-off meeting – Concept / Folder Structure / Organization.

-Week 2 – Blocking out the character using Zbrush.

-Week 3 – Starting the High Poly character in Zbrush/Maya.

-Week 4 – Finish High Poly and fine detail texture pass in Zbrush.

-Week 5 – Topology in Maya, Blend Shapes, Animation ready models.

-Week 6 – Uvs, Udims, Bakes in Substance Painter.

-Week 7 – Texturing with Substance Painter and Photoshop

-Week 8 – Polishing textures, working with materials and lighting in Marmoset Toolbag 2

-Week 9 – Final presentation and final touches.

-Week 10 – Q&A, industry talk and portfolio preparation – What to do Next ?

If are most likely familiar with this process, and that’s exactly the reason why Glauco has chosen it. Rather than going with a different and more complicated process, which most people would have to understand and practice first, he wants to go through an easier and most common process and focus the time instead on finding your weakness and giving you tools to improve your work. This is not only Art related but also heavily based on technical and good practices for working in the AAA Industry.

How much and how many seats are available ?

There are 0 seats available, on a first-come first-served manner.

(this is getting updated as we fill up the slots, last update -06-26 –  5:36pm)

The Tuition is $950 for the 10 weeks mentoring program. ( US Dollars )

The program will start on  July 30th and end on October 1st.


There will be no refunds, except if Glauco needs to cancel the course. If that happens for whatever reason, 100% of the money will be refunded, even if the course has already started or if it’s close to finish.


Every payment will be processed manually and your account will be created. You will receive in your e-mail your unique credentials to access the program page plus all the instructions needed to prepare for the first meeting.
In case you were not able to make it, join the waiting list to get notified for the next season, which is scheduled for early 2018.